How to Make a Perfect Sugar Baby

8 tips for a young woman to make a perfect sugar baby.

1. Choose a sugar daddy dating site and create a profile there. There are many sugar daddy dating sites such as,, etc. Just choose one that suits for you.

2. Fulfill the profile by writing about you. Just describe yourself, no need something too detailed. 100-200 words are OK.

3. Enhance the profile by adding pictures of yourself. It may be the most important thing before contacting a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy starts to know you by viewing your pictures. So upload some beautiful, sexy photos of yourself, but no porn.

4. Browse sugar daddies at the site. View the profiles, post comment and send winks. When you see a profile special, just do something over there to get attention of that sugar daddy.

5. Be polite when chat with a sugar daddy. Most sugar daddies are paid member at the site and they can initial the instant message or email to you. Just wait “Hi” from these sugar daddies. Your respectful and considerable behavior would impress a sugar daddy well.

6. Be honest and direct. Directly ask a sugar daddy what you want to know while communicating. Before you make the decision, be sure what a sugar daddy can do for you.

7. Be careful about fake sugar daddies. If a sugar daddy takes you to a low end restaurant, is dressed in HM and you don’t see his car…. just leave.

8. Protect your privacy. Don’t disclose any private information before you know a sugar daddy well.


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